Time for Winter Styling

Time for Winter Styling

Men's winter fashion goes beyond functionality. 

We all know that staying warm is important this time of year but you can still style up and stay warm. 

More layers, more style! 

Choosing the right winter outfit can be tricky. That's why Soulstar Clothing have you covered. 

We have a wide selection of coats and jackets that are perfect for the colder weather, allowing you to stay stylish and warm all at the same time. 

Top tips for styling your winter wardrobe

Autumn and Spring are amazing transitional seasons but winter is the perfect time to mix things up a little bit. 

You don't have to be stuck with bulky boring coats or jumpers. We have some tips to help you choose your winter wardrobe! 

1. Keep it Tight!

Winter means that you are always looking for ways to keep warm. Remember it's not just your hands and feet that feel the cold! Swapping out baggy jeans to a slim fit jeans will help you stay warm and balance out a chunky knit.

We all dislike a freezing, windy winter day - try layering tight clothes underneath an oversized jog set! We have a selection of Jog Sets that would be perfect for this! 

2. Wear longer coats.

A long coat is brilliant at keeping the whole body warm, not only that, they look amazing! Our Longline Puffer with Double Pocket is the perfect coat for the winter weather. 

If keeping warm is your go to, then go for a long coat that goes to the thigh. Just keep your torso covered with a long coat and sweater - staying cosy on those colder days!

3. Cotton is not a winter friend.

Flannel shirts are ideal for the winter months. 

Cotton is more efficient at holding water and no one needs sweaty cotton items sticking to their skin for long periods of time. 

Stick with flannel, corduroy, cashmere or wool! 

We all make mistakes when styling for winter, we are only human. Here are some do's & don'ts when it comes to winter styling.


Add colourful accessories - Throwing in some colourful scarves, scarves and gloves to bring out the muted tones of your wardrobe.

Dig out those thermals - Finding the right thermal layer underneath your clothing is key to staying warm when you're out and about. A well fitted thermal can easily be worn underneath stylish clothing.


Don't forget to layer up - Layering isn't a new thing, but can be easily forgotten. put together a good base and then build with removable layers should you get too warm or head indoors.


Another go to for winter, is sweats! We have a large selection of sweatpants, sweatshirts and hoodies. Perfect for style and functionality. 

Our collection is perfect for the winter months consisting of Sweats, Jeans, Coats and Jackets - there is something for everyone here! 


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